Potential Free FEM Workflow

CAD (probably not free)

NetGen convert .stl into file type readable by GMSH


FEniCS scripted through python or Matlab

Python is really easy to install on Unix systems.  Please note that in the example instead of x, and y for the dirchelet boundary condition, x[0] and x[1] were used instead inorder to get program to work.

Post Processing: GMSH (again)

The real question is whether I will be able to script the whole process via python.  I think so (and whether it can do time dependent contact mechanics problems).

Updates incoming 🙂

Update 8/02/2016

I have found getfem++ to be rather buggy. That is the sample problems have errors on my machine. It is a shame, because getfem++ looked so dang nice. If I come back to it I will update again here.

Potential Free FEM Workflow

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