Voxday’s Immigration is War

Is multiculturalism really the death of a nation?

A quick look at the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

One of Voxday‘s constant meme’s is immigration is war. This comes from an essay in There Will be War Volume X by Martin Van Creveld.  But more broadly it encompasses his belief that nationalism is an inconquerable force.  That is nationalism is a superior meta strategy than globalism.  I have yet to read the essay, but upon the coming of 20committee‘s history of the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I was interested in it’s history to see how the last historical multicultural empire/country faired.

From what I read, the Austro-Hungarian empire always had problems with sectarianism. They had clever leaders which helped them overcome the issues, but they were always internally weaker than their homogeneous neighbors.
At the fall of the Hapsburg empire,
In 100 years ago: Italy’s Terrible folly, John mentions the Slavic soldiers didn’t want to fight the Russians, which lead to problems on the west front.
In Przemysl, “Then there was the ethnic factor. Austria-Hungary’s military, like the empire itself, consisted of a dozen different nationalities, not all of whom viewed each other affectionately. Przemysl’s garrison consisted disproportionately of Hungarians many of whom had no love for Slavs of any kind Incidents of ethnic disaffection, even violence, proved difficult to ignore….” And “by early March… ugly incidents of inter-ethnic violence had become commonplace.”
Finally Serbian nationalists in Bosnia were the culprits in Franz Ferdinand’s Sarajevo assassination.

According to XXCommittee, while the empire had it’s troubles with multi-culturalism, it had three pillars which it could stand on:  1.) It had transnational, clever elites in the Hapsburg monarchy, 2.) It was solidly Christian with a tolerance for other religions and 3.) it had an army which was very devoted to the monarchy.

So my conclusion is that it can exist, but it will be slightly weaker than a homogeneous empire and it requires disciplined leaders

In comparison, Yugoslavia was functioning until economic and political problems made stirring up ethnic tensions the path to power for politicians .  XX committee has a wonderful article on Yugoslavia’s Warning to America.

Voxday’s Immigration is War