Name and Blog Purpose

First I have stumbled across a good name for my blog: Things I Don’t Know Yet.  In light of this name I will be using this blog as a place to write notes on things which I am learning.  They will sometimes deal with broad issues such as time management, book reviews, social skills, health politics etc. but will more frequently deal with technical issues for example x-ray diffraction, probability, uncertainty analysis, and mechanics. Primarily the blog will deal with technical issues since this corresponds with my day job, making this blog serve multiple purposes.

Frequency of publication

Second, I will publish an article at least every Monday.  Occasionally I will publish more frequently, but once a week is plenty considering this blog is not my number my first or second priority.

Next Topic

The next topic I plan to write on is probability.  I have just begun Probability Theory: The Logic of Science by E.T. Jaynes.  So far it is well written and I anticipate learning and relearning lots about probability.  More on that is forth coming, but it is the final week of classes and I have a conference paper and journal paper to get off before the end of semester.


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