The Importance of Style and Voice

I don’t follow Good Looking Loser. It isn’t that I don’t think he has quality information.  In fact he has top 5 quality information.  When I do read his sites, I am always glad I do.  I almost always come away with actionable information to improve myself.  So I get a lot out of his site.  But I don’t read it regularly.  He is just too edgy for me.  I don’t think he should change, I just not into his style.  So, I want his information without his style but you never get to separate the two. It’s just that he likes to write about performance anxiety for your first time sleeping with a new girl, while I would prefer to write about biblical wisdom for the irreligious. Chris is very edgy and promotes being a dirtbag. On the otherhand I’m not edgy and I don’t aspire to be.

On the otherhand I like Mike from danger and play.  Mike is also very edgy, but for some reason I want to be associated with Mike but not Chris.  Mike isn’t any more or less righteous than Chris. Mike doesn’t have better information than Chris;  they both have first class information covering relatively similar niches.  I have not interacted with either of them, so their isn’t any reason to like one more than the other. Neither of them is more attractive than the other.  I just do prefer Mike to Chris.  The reason comes down to style and voice.  For whatever reason I appreciate Mike’s writing voice and style more than Chris’s.

Here’s the point, just because you don’t have anything truly original to say.  You should still write about it.  Why? Because somebody might like your voice and your style better than what is out there.  Your voice and style might be what allows someone to receive the message you are giving and make a positive influence in the world.  This is also why it is important to write it in your voice and not trying to imitate someone else’s.

Now for those of you who follow GoodlookingLoser, you will note that it is the same message as this beautiful post of his. But the difference is it’s in my voice.  In fact when I wrote it I hadn’t read the post, but remembered it about half way through the first draft.

So now the question is, how do you find your own voice.  And I don’t have a good answer.  But I have two suggestions, write down your thoughts exactly as you think them.  You might need to be by yourself, you might need to go for a walk, you might need to unplug. But you need to write down things that you say them.

The second suggestion is to use the They Say, I Say template. I read this book my freshman year of college, and it is the only thing I can ever remember about writing.  The book is very short and frankly I don’t remember whether it very good.  But I remember the template.  Write someone else’s opinions and then state why you agree with them or disagree with them.  For instance, at some point, I will talk about posture.  When I do, I will start by putting some of the common thought’s about posture (for instance Mike’s posture exercises)  and then I will tell why I immediately trusted what he said based on my experience with tai chi and neck, shoulder and back pain. Since I don’t have a great example of using this technique, I will link to Voxday who does this frequently.

The Importance of Style and Voice

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